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Almost everyone reading this article uses Gtalk, the popular instant messaging application of Gtalk. Google has decided to finally kill Gtalk from 16hth February and push  its users to Hangouts.

Well, this is what Google wants but what about users? Most of the users  are still using Gtalk and do not wish to switch to Hangouts. So, we take this is the only thing Google can do to force those users to use Hangouts. Hangouts app is available for Chrome browser. You can also access it from your Gmail and Google+ account.

Hangouts has already replaced Gtalk in Android but Gtalk was still a nice way to chat from desktop without opening browser. Now, you will have to open your browser to start chatting with friends. 🙁

Looking at some good points, Google Hangouts not only lets you text chat but also offers good quality video calling service. Also Hangouts video calls also offers bandwidth limit to control the data consumption if you are on slow connection.