“Young minds are curators of great ideas” which if given a chance can impact thousands of lives and sometimes even millions. Seven years ago, an 11-year-old girl was quick to realize that she could influence a six-year-old girl to dream big through her writing. This made her think: what if the girls/women around the country and the world influence each other through their creative pursuits?

And thus was born Fuzia. Fuzia, http://www.fuzia.com, is a global community that nurtures and empowers the creativity of the young women leaders of tomorrow through the fusion of culture and ideas. Fashion Herald interviewed the founders to know more about the initiative.

Founded by a Young high school student, Riya Sinha, it started back as Fuzia Writing Club in Palo Alto, CA. It is now a huge global platform for female voices and helping women/girls pursue their dreams.

Fuzia started growing substantially when the Co-Founder Shraddha Varma (Mumbai) joined hands with Riya Sinha two and a half years ago! Today, due to the joint efforts of Riya with Co-founder Shraddha Varma and the founding team members (Ria Singhal, Sakshi Shrivastava and Riya Kumar), Fuzia has grown to become a community with more than 3.5 million followers from all over the globe In a span of merely 2 years. Now we are proud to state that our community has more than 10,000+ girls and women from more than 30 countries.

Their Facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/fuziaworld has rapidly become the Top 15 Most liked Community on Facebook worldwide.

The passionate, ambitious and the dynamic Fuzia team consistently ensures that Fuzia reaches to all those who need it the most with the goal of taking it to new heights. The team is gradually growing with young talents joining the vision and spreading the presence globally.

In the world of globalization and digitalisation, somewhere even today when it comes to women we as a world have not progressed significantly. The society is still male centric and women are still looking for a way to somehow raise their voice. Fuzia is not just a platform which is giving women/girls a platform to raise their voice, to showcase their talent or to let the world know they are much more talented as otherwise perceived, it’s allowing women/girls all over the world their basic right of dreaming something so wonderful which might change their whole lives for once and all.

It is a revolution in the social media space; Fuzia, by a collective effort, is redefining Internet! It takes the user away from superficial profiles and instead focuses more on healthy and real connections. Rather than encouraging a shallow “show-off” culture, Fuzia has built a platform where members “showcase” their talent. A place where you are never judged and rated and your worth is not defined by number of likes or comments.

It is a platform which encourages women and girls to share, showcase and express their thoughts, ideas and creativity, be it in the form of words, art, photography or videos. It is a place where there is creativity, inspiration, motivation, learning and remembering that self-love & empathy can be life-changing.   Fuzia is not just a product, it’s an experience and the experience has played an important role for the involvement of everyone who follows and joins. Fuzia is a haven for those who are not allowed to dream, to let their talent fly high. There is no limit to talent, and when it comes to the ladies it reaches one notch higher! Fuzia is home to amazing writers whose words have the power to change the world, wonderful photographers whose lens capture the story behind the mesmerizing photos, great painters who let their art speak for themselves, amazing digital artists whose marvelous concepts will sweep you off the your feet, Youtubers, and many more.

This is how Fuzia is driving Empowerment, Feminism and Gender equality in a new way, through the fusion of cultures and ideas. The team expresses how they have been fortunate enough in changing lives of many women and girls by giving them the recognition they were looking for.

You can Join this journey by signing up on www.fuzia.com or downloading the Fuzia app. Together, we can create a better and equal world for ourselves.

 Written and Compiled by: Divya Jain and Ria Singhal