Holi is the festival of colours and everyone loves to enjoy it but at the same time we all love our skin and hair. Let not the fear of skin and hair damage wreck your Holi plans. Holi, while it is a crazy and fun festival, it is a messy one too. The colors cause havoc on the skin and hair and could lead to problems such as skin irritation, allergies, breakouts and dry hair. But, rest your worries. We have cracked the code for having fun while keeping our skin and hair in check. Follow these simple tips and have an easy, breezy and stress free Holi.


Before the festivities begin:

Do not wax, thread or undergo laser treatments a day prior to Holi. The chemicals or natural colours used during the festival can lead to itchiness and redness.

Tie up your hair and apply oil or cream on both your skin and hair. This prevents the colours from getting absorbed by your skin and scalp.

You’ll be playing outdoors in the sun so apply waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage.


Protect your ears and lips, you can use vaseline to keep them moisturized. Don’t forget to apply nail polish to prevent nail discolouration and vaseline under the nails to stop the colours from getting lodged.

Cover up – Since Holi is mostly an outdoor activity, make sure the clothes you wear cover maximum of your body parts. Opt for full-sleeve kurtas, T-shirts or tops, trousers, salwars, full length joggers, etc. This will not just protect your skin from damage of colours but also from sun exposure that can further affect your skin.


Once the colors and the festivities is over:

After playing Holi clean your skin and hair immediately. Don’t rub or apply pressure to remove the colour. Use a water soluble cleansing oil to remove stubborn colours and don’t use loofahs with your cleanser.

Use a mild exfoliant to extract the toxins and pollutants on the surface of the skin.

Colours can make the skin sensitive, use a calming or cooling face mask to soothe any irritation and reduce redness.

Lastly, treat and repair your skin and hair with a serum for added nourishment and hydration for a brighter healthier look.

IMG_20180228_151528 (1)

Post Holi Hair Care:

Wash your hair with mild shampoo.

After the wash, make sure that you apply lemon juice to the hair and scalp. This will restore the essential acid-alkaline balance in your hair and scalp.

Apply hair oil after the hair dries. This is to ensure that the hair remains hydrated.

For the next one week, apply oil for 5 minutes daily before washing.


So now you got the secrets to protect your skin and hair so go out and play with colors fearlessly. Have some thandaai and sweets too to make it a perfect Holi.

Happy Holi to all of you 🙂

Credits : Ankita Singh