Ms. Divyata Shergill - Founder, a successful career of  8 years, as a corporate lawyer with AZB & Partners, a leading law firm in the country, Ms. Divyata Shergil decided to build something of her own. In her years as a corporate lawyer, she represented numerous private equity funds, investment banks, promoters and companies, across a wide spectrum of transactions and closely interacted with the Indian market regulator and various Government authorities. Having represented investors and Indian companies, she realized the critical issues on both sides of structuring, negotiating and implementation. Most of the time the biggest challenge is the constant strife to synergise the financial strength of an investor with the enthusiasm of the promoter.  It also gave her a perspective on how engaging legal issues can be and there is always more than one way to solve these problems.


Her addiction to break the stereotypical glass ceiling and change the comfortable the status quo, led her to join India’s premier law school (National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata). To add and taste the flavor of international trade, she completed her Masters in Law degree from Northwestern University, Chicago in collaboration with Kellogs Business school.

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ShaadiWish aims to be a sassy, fun, hip, user-generated content platform for couples planning their weddings, which actually curates and promotes handpicked vendors beyond the obsolete subscription. The wedding world was in dire need for a new voice, and the web was the perfect place to break ground.

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At 156% user growth rate per month and 4:18 minutes of average time spent on her content within last 4 months of the launch, they know they are building something very special in a category that REALLY needed to evolve out of being a paid yellow page forum to actual sustainable marketing for the wedding vendors across all categories.

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She is also very passionate about law and policy and have authored articles on “How to Get India’s Public Healthcare off Life Support” and “Secure Internet for Women” in Financial Chronicle.

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Playing and painting with my 2 year old daughter Rabiya, in my office, is an absolute source of inspiration and happiness on a stressful day.