In talks With Thakur Pankaj Singh Chauhan

It is obvious that if somebody calls us “hello” or “youuhoo” we get angry, like we have a name yes! Yet, if somebody politely says “Excuse me!” we feel tons better. Similarly if we go to a restaurant and yell at the waiter “youhoo” he/she would feel bad as well, but people forget their etiquettes when addressing a waiter or someone in the similar post. People forget that they are actually dealing with another person, another human being; whereas for a Hotel Manager or Owner the waiter is like a brand ambassador.

In today’s day and age when Hotel Management has become one of the most sought after and expensive courses, the most important thing that a person learns are the rules and ethics of service. The HM and the Waiters all know these etiquettes, but it is also important for the customers to know and understand these etiquettes as well. You often see people that don’t follow these rules themselves but want the entire world to treat them with utmost respect. They forget that though the waiter would never reply to their rudeness, he/she would commit the mistake of underestimating themselves.

But if they adress and treat the waiters respectfully the waiter would not only show them respect, but would genuinely provide them with a good service and a great experience.