We loved your designs at the Rio Carnival.Tell us more about it. How much effort did you put into the preparation?

​   ​I have worked for more than 6 months on this show. The Brazilian props were all Handmade by Designer  Ms. Linda   from Netherlands . The jewellery was all Handmade which is the USP of my brand . I used Paper Mache , Coconut  shells , Resin, Mother of Pearl , Beads and Vegetable colours. Clothes were by designer Rajiv Mehta.    The music selection and choreography was done by me. 
        History was created as I collaborated with an International artist Nityam Singha Roy and he was painting LIVE what was running  on the Ramp.  He finished the painting exactly in 30 minutes which was the total time of my show.

What is the most important consideration for you when doing a show?

​   Collaboration and Integration of different cultures through Fashion is my main aim. I love to portray different themes , cultures , and  jewellery with a twist. Fusion is what attracts me the most.  

Is there anything that the Indian market is lacking in terms of organising more such shows? How can it be made better?

​          Firstly Organising team has to be fantastic , otherwise there are delays , backstage mess , Choreographer has to be very responsible , creative and not create drama, models must be alert and done a few shows . Model helpers have to be responsible and helpful as there is hardly any time for changes  in between shows . Hair and make up team has to maintain time schedules. 
      I was promised a camera above the artist which would show the audience his painting in stages, which was not delivered. When you are creating History , perfection is very important . Especially when there is an International collaboration of different designers and artists and I was working for last 6 months . 

What were the best memories of the even​t ?

 My only memory was that I created  history with live painting along with the fashion show. The energy , colours and vibrancy is my trademark .  ​I had international press / media who flew down specially to cover my opening show.


You are so much active during your shows. What is your secet of being so much active? What is your health mantra?

​I am obsessed with Gym and yoga. I workout everyday and love my work , is the only secret mantra I follow. There are no short cuts in life.