“The heat was hot, the ground dry and the air was full of sounds”

– an article by Sadaf Fatima

summer fashionWell!! This points to the arrival of the month of March and of course the onset of summer, with its crisp shining yellow light and the clear blue sky over us all day long. Summer welcomed in India by the festival of colors is treated all through as the time for colors after the dull and grey winters.

The eyes go shimmery and colors lighter. This season all we need is a gentle romantic breeze to blow over us and the shades of blue do make it happen. Be it turquoise, or the old favorite sky blue, the darker shades of sapphire, Persian or royal blue all remain constant like the clear sky of the season.sadaf fatima

A trend of green color with an emphasis on lighter and cooler side of the spectrum is usually preferred. The green – yellow, lime and the spring green are on the top list of fashion freaks these days.

The spring of flowers has infallibly brought the summer styling for various shades of red, the claimed color of romance, the color of blooming roses,the shades of ruby, rust,scarlet and rose red to adorn the youth ,to shine after the long day sun goes down.

The shades of green, blue and red have arrived and it’s time to go out and grab your shades for the season.

fashion herald tipsComfy shorts for summer fashion: What better way to feel comfortable and enjoy the summer heat than with a pair of shorts? Shorts are a relief in summer for picnics or outings. There are shorts for every type of body, fat or slim. There are short shorts, walking shorts, golf shorts and even shorts that are designed for people who don’t have the right figure for shorts. For those who have the body, the legs and the attitude to carry the look, short-shorts are en vogue this season.
fh tipsJean wear for summer fashion: Jeans and other denim sportswear continue to be very popular for all type of seasons. Jeans paired with a fancy top can take you to any number of outdoor events and are very comfortable and look smart. During summer season, denim is decorated with embroidery and given other decorative touches. Match your jeans with the basic white cotton T or checks or any other short sleeve shirt, which will be comfortable and reduce the amount of discomfort and sweat.


FH tipsCapri chic for summer fashion: The hot favourite this season is Capri pants. Capri pants are perfect and excellent clothing for warm-weather chic. Capri pants are found in a number of styles like tight-fitting pants, cut-off pants that may fall in length anywhere from right above the knee to mid-calf to just above the ankle. Capri’s can be worn to almost any summer outing. Fabric’s range from linen to denim to silk, and, like jeans, may be decorated with embroidery. Depending on the style, fabric and how they are accessorized, Capri pants can be worn to an upscale event as well as fit in at an ultra-casual outing.