whatsapp-chatting1.Texting from a new number without declaring who you are is just not cool. Things get even worse when we ask who is it and we get annoying replies like “Guess?” or creepy stuff like “Your friend”. Really? My friend? Most of us hate it. What annoys us the most is this “your friend” business. For God’s sake, let us decide whether you are a “friend” or not!


2.The “dear” guy! It’s like their vocabulary is centered on that one word “dear”. This one is annoying at so many levels that we end up stabbing such guys in our heads. What dear? Who’s dear? I am not your “dear” dude. Get a life!


3.That idiot who adds us to a group full of unknown guys and girls and expects us to participate and not mind it! Hero, we hate it. Let me tell you, we are extremely selective about sharing our cell numbers with guys and randomly adding us to a group that is full of guys we don’t know; who now have an access to our cell numbers is really not cool. Ask permission before adding us to a group. It’s polite and we like it. Don’t take things for granted.


4.Sending us sexist jokes is another thing that we find extremely insulting. Those messages that compare a wife/girlfriend to a mobile etc. are humiliating to say the least. Also, it speaks a lot about what you think of women and how much you respect them. DO NOT send us such jokes. They are NOT funny.


5.The recent blue ticks on Whatsapp have really made life miserable for some of us. Sometimes, there are these guys who keep pinging us all the time and wait for our reply. When we don’t, we are asked why we haven’t replied after we read the message (Damn you blue ticks!). Some guys never get the hint!


6.The famous “shayar”! This one will dig the world to find romantic shayaris (according to him), will text us “this one’s for you” and will send the long shayari talking about beauty, love and what not. Okay, dude, you may be a “Salim” but I am not your “Anarkali” and this is not “Mughal-e-Azam 2015”. Stop that!


7.The boyfriend’s friend! This may not be a common case with most women, but does happen with some of us. It’s natural when our boyfriends introduce us to their guy friends and we all hang out together. Sometimes there will be this friend, who will text us and try to be over-friendly. STOP IT! I am dating your best friend! Go bug another girl!


8.The test guy! This one will send lame messages like “Let’s see, what kind of a friend you are to me?” Select blah! Colour, a freaking number, a God forsaken symbol and bam! Before I know it, I am his soul mate and he is all happy about it. Yuck! Who are you? Some hippie from the 90s?


9.The “bhadkau” (trying to influence) guy! The moment you get friendly with some guy or start liking him, there will always be some guy from the group who will have problems for no reason in particular. The next thing you know, your cell phone is loaded with his messages. “Don’t talk to him; he is not a nice guy.” “He’s a part of the group, but I hate him.” “This is what he did to me in 1996.” “I am telling you for your good. Stay off!” Stop warning us to stay off somebody because you got a personal problem with that person.


10.The CBI guy! For some reason, hidden in some unknown corner of the universe, this one wants to find out everything about our families. We understand you are trying to know us, but why drag everything even remotely related to us for that. Initially, the conversation is all okay and suddenly it takes that unexpected turn. “What does mummy do?” “What does daddy do?” “What does puppy do?” Well, puppy poops in the lap when someone asks too many lame questions!