It is not a rocket science to know that whatever you wear tells a lot about yourself. But if you think, it ends there, you are very wrong. What you wear, how you wear tells not only about yourself, but about your moods and your nature. There are a lot of little things that sum up in terms of your work style, but we couldn’t help but think about the different types of style we often see on women at work and how they are perceived.

office fashion The High Fashion Look

This is the look of the woman who is at top of all the trends. Her style makes you feel like an old lady. If you work in corporate sector, then being on top of trends is often a job requirement, but in other industries this may nt be a bright idea.

The All Business Look

This ‘all work and no play’ woman looks as if she been wearing her business armor since she was 15. She is calm, composed and serious about her work. Jeans are for the weekend only. She laughs in the face of hectic workdays. Funky for her is a cardigan instead of a suit jacket.

However, sometimes adding a bit of difference into your work wardrobe is alright, especially at the senior level. In fact, wearing a bold necklace or bright colors can show that you have earned your place.

The Sexy Genius Lookfashion herald

This was a coin termed by Fashion Herald specially for the uncommon creative women who cannot be found everywhere. It stresses that you are working so hard that you can’t be bothered to do anything with your hair or wear something that matches. This can be appreciated sometimes, but not if you have a big presentation. Even if you are working hard you need to take the time to look put together.

The Adorable Look

This look is also known as “The Zooey Deschanel.” Not that she was the first girl to make heavy-rimmed glasses the focus of the party, but she has definitely made the style extremely popular as far as we think. But what really makes this look stand out is all the bright colors. Bright colors can be great, but be aware of the psychological effects of colors. If you are letting someone go, for example, consider wearing green (the color of empathy) over red (the color of power and assertiveness).

The Vintage Look

The vintage look is for those who really know how to mix different styles and carry them perfectly. The vintage look will surely work wonders on those special corporate parties or presentations. Make everyone feel the difference of your presence by trying those vintage glasses, classy sandals and mid 80s style necklace.


edea3104cc18e4a0ccb6f390b5537c55The Beyond You Look

It sounds strange, but dressing too well can sometimes be bad for your career, especially if you’re an entry-level employee. I’m not saying don’t dress to the nines and look super professional, but it might be too early for you to carry Birken bag if you are a 22-year-old working at a non-profit. Or perhaps your parents are rich, or your fiance. Still, you’re not working for the money.” The consequence, adds Griffin, is that the summer associate will have to prove herself even more. “You might also find that your personality, your wardrobe, your attitude, and everything else about you will be under extra scrutiny as people try to reconcile their first impression of you (rich girl, maybe a materialistic girl) with whatever else your work product says about you.”

The Too Young Look

It’s really hard to figure out how to dress professionally, especially if you work in a casual environment. But just because you are not in a zipped up corporate office, this doesn’t mean you should dress like you’re at Bonnaroo. This doesn’t mean cutting your hair off (long hair can absolutely be professional if it is taken care of properly); it’s great to be young, but dressing young can prevent you from moving up.