Girl Fashion

One of the most exciting phases of life is the start of your college days and what you wear is one of the most important factors of defining yourself at this moment and create your identity.For some, it is even a way to define their freedom in whatever they want to wear. In the beginning it can be quite confusing as what to wear and what not because most of us are not sure what would really look good on us.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Jeans are a must in every college girl’s wardrobe. Choose a denim fashion brand you want to purchase. Ensure your closet is staked with 4-5 pair of well- fitting jeans.

Include a basic dress in your wardrobe. A small dress of black, blue,yellow or red color would be perfect for most occasions.

Pick up good accessories to complement what you wear. The perfect color would be shimmering black, chocolate brown, beige, hot pink and anything else that goes down well with you.

Purchase a bag of good quality is also essential. It could be leather or canvas that can carry all your accessories and essentials.

For professional colleges like MBAs go for a button down white shirt that would do justice to your flattering body shape. Pair it with a pair of formal pants in either black or grey color. These can be used during internship or an interview.

1-2 summer fashion put-ons/jackets will give you a good and trendy look.

Purchase a pair of good- quality boots or other footwear that you are comfortable in.Remember, choosing the right footwear in which you are comfortable s very important, as it gives you in a good mood and hence improves your style 🙂