Tell us about your latest visit to Lucknow in the Max Fashion Show.anukriti

I am very excited about my newly established association with Max Fashion! Max caters to the fashion sensibilities of people from all walks of life. Basically, the brand believes in living upto the benchmark of “Fashion for all”.

I’m in Lucknow for the launch of the latest Spring/Summer collection by MAX, 2015. This year has spotted some key trends in the fashion world, such as pop colors and bright hues. Keeping in tune with the latest sensational trends in the industry, Max has come up with its latest line defined by lemon, electric blues, bright oranges and shocking pinks. There is a juicy splash of color to their entire range of products for a warm, sunny effect. And I love colors! So it gives me immense pleasure to be joining hands with Max Fashion for the launch of their latest riot of colors! I am extremely honored to be invited by the Max Team as the Chief Guest and Showstopper at the launch of their latest Spring/Summer collection, 2015.

anukritiYou have been keeping very busy with various appearances in the city and other cities. How do you manage all that?

Well, travelling I guess, comes with the package! When I started modeling about 4 years ago, I was living in Delhi and my first assignment was in hyderabad! So my career kickstarted with travel! Infact, there are times when our entire months on the calendar are booked for shows and shoots in various states, and that incurs a lot of travelling. Eventually, we get used to the idea of living out of a suitcase for major chunks of time in a year. I, especially hold a soft corner for travelling in my heart. I love to travel, it’s also meditative for me and helps me to relax and unwind from the grind. And, I’m very passionate about my career, plus my job provides me with ample opportunities for travel. So I guess I’m lucky in a way as I get to enjoy the best of both the worlds.

Tell us about your project with Mr. Ram Gopal Vermaanukriti

I’m working on a bilingual project, Sridevi, with Mr. Ram Gopal Varma. The film will be released in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. I’m paired opposite JD Chakravarthy and am portraying the character of a simple, middle class housewife. The film deals with child psychology and how a teenage boy is sometimes driven by internal and external factors both, to get obsessed with a woman who’s older and committed to another man. The film is a package of drama, romance, comedy and thrill, and at the same time, makes a powerful statement about such sensitive issues for the society to dwell upon.

    You have already roped in two good projects. Tell us the other one.

My second project is a Telugu film with South Indian actor, Nara Rohith, titled “Asura”. I’m portraying an extremely important character that appears in the film at a crucial point, but proves to be the turning point of the film. I also have an item song to my credit in the film, which will showcase my dancing capabilities to my lovely audience.

What type of assignments are you looking forward to in the industry.anukriti

I am a performing artist. I aim to be a versatile actor, and I don’t want to limit myself to a particular genre of work. I am looking for roles which give me a broad spectrum of performance and allow me to deliver a range of emotions. I don’t want to be type casted to a particular kind of a role or a character, and so, I am always open to scripts that are varied and unconventional. New age cinema incorporates fresh and alternate visions and I am willing to experiment with a myriad of characters and emotions. For example, in my film “Sridevi”, I am playing a housewife who appears in different looks and attires, and I managed to look different every time. I prefer roles which are challenging and different.

Your favorite people you have worked with.

anukritiJD Chakravarthy is one of the finest actors and the most wonderful human beings that I have come across in my career. He’s my Co-star in the film, “Sridevi”, and my mentor as well. I have picked up the finer nuances of acting from him and I look up to him as my guru.

Imran Khan, an ace fashion choreographer and show director, is another man who I am proud to be associated with. I work very closely with Mr. Imran Khan in his shows and our professional association goes way back in time. I consider him to be one of my genuine well wishers from the fashion fraternity.

Tell us about your love life.

am completely single, I am committed though, but only to my work (smiles). I am completely focused on my career and channeling my energy into accepting films that are different from the previous and have the capacity to take me higher. I enjoy being unpredictable. My effort is to not repeat the same thing that I have done before.