The Fashion Countdown Begins!!!

Fashion Miss World 2014ExCeL London will host one of the biggest events in fashion world, the Miss World 2014 on 14 December, 2014 in London, UK. Last year’s title holder Megan Young will crown the winner at the grand finale.

A total of 77 contestants have been confirmed to compete for the coveted Miss World title. The winner is not only bestowed with the crown but also is required to do charitable work for the benefit of different communities.


Miss World is conducted every year by “Beauty With Purpose” organization established in 1972 by  Julia Morley . Since then millions of pounds have been raised to help the poor. The winner of Miss World 2014 will have to dedicate a year traveling and working for the cause of the organization.


“Aside from winning, it also has a lot of meaning to me. All that hard work that I put into it was really paid off. But aside from that, before I always wonder, what is my purpose? What am I going to do in future with my life,” said Young in her interview post winning the title ls year, adding, “And then during that night from Miss World, I just knew from that moment on what I wanted to pursue. I knew that I could use my skills, my voice and my knowledge to help people and that really means a lot to me.”


Here is list of 77 contestants  who have been confirmed for Miss World 2014 contest:


Miss Argentina, Yoana Don


Miss Australia, Courtney Thorpe


Miss Austria, Julia Furdea


Miss Bahamas, Rosetta Cartwright


Miss Barbados, Zoe Trotman


Miss Belarus, Viktoriya Miganovich


Miss Belgium, Laurence Langen


Miss Bermuda, Lilian Lightbourn


Miss Bolivia, Andrea Forfori


Miss Brazil, Julia Gama


Miss Cameroon, Larissa Ngangoum


Miss Canada, Annora Bourgeault


Miss Cape Verde, Cristy Spencer


Miss Colombia, Jessica Leandra Garcia


Miss Cote D’Ivoire, Jennifer Yeo


Miss Curacao, Gayle Sulvaran


Miss Cyprus, Ionna Filippou


Miss Czech Republic, Tereza Skoumalova


Miss El Savador, Larissa Vega


Miss England, Carina Tyrrell


Miss Equatorial Guinea, Agnes Genoveva Cheba Ade


Miss Fiji, Charlene Tafunai’i


Miss Finland, Krista Haapalainen


Miss France, Flora Coquerel


Miss Gabon, Pulcherie Nze Nzoughe


Miss Georgia, Ana Zubashvili


Miss Gibraltar, Shyanne Azzopardi


Miss Greece, Eleni Kokkinou


Miss Guadeloupe, Wendy Metony


Miss Guatemala, Keyla Bermudez


Miss Guinea, Halimatou Diallo


Miss Guinea-Bissau, Maila Da Costa


Miss Guyana, Rafieya Husain


Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado Munoz


Miss Hongkong China, Grace Chan


Miss Hungary, Edina Kulcsar


Miss India, Koyal Rana


Miss Indonesia, Maria Asteria Sastrayu


Miss Ireland, Jessica Hayes


Miss Israel, Mor Maman


Miss Italy, Silvia Cataldi


Miss Jamaica, Laurie-Ann Chin


Miss Japan, Hikaru Kawai


Miss Kazakhstan, Aiday Isaeva


Miss Lavia, Liliana Garkaline


Miss Malta, Joanna Galea


Miss Mauritius, Sheetal Khadun


Miss Mexico, Daniela Alvarez Reyes


Miss Moldova, Alexandra Caruntu


Miss Namibia, Brumhilda Ochs


Miss Nepal, Subin Limbu


Miss Netherlands, Tatjana Maul


Miss New Zealand, Arielle Garciano


Miss Nicaragua, Maria Esther Cortes


Miss Nigeria, Iheoma Nnadi


Miss Northern Ireland, Rebekah Shirley


Miss Panama, Raiza Erlenbaugh


Miss Peru, Sofia Rivera


Miss Poland, Ada Sztajerowska


Miss Portugal, Catarina Sikiniotis


Miss Russia, Yulia Alipova


Miss Scotland, Ellie Mckeating


Miss Serbia, Milica Vuklis


Miss Seychelles, Camilla Estico


Miss Slovakia, Laura Longauerova


Miss South Africa, Rolene Strauss


Miss Sweden, Olivia Asplund


Miss Switzerland, Aline Morger


Miss Tanzania, Happiness Watimanya


Miss Thailand, Maeya Nonthawan Thongleng


Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Sarah Jane Waddell


Miss Tunisia, Wahiba Arres


Miss Turkey, Amine Gulse


Miss United States, Elizabeth Safrit


Miss US Virgin Islands, Anika Tonge


Miss Venezuela, Debora Menicucci


Miss Wales, Alice Ford