Fashion SportsSports are an integral part of everyone’s life. A sports person is always into a hectic routine. . Sometimes with workout and the other time playing their favorite games. In earlier times girls weren’t allowed to play games even if they try their level best to convince their elders. They had to face the consequences after taking a single step even.


Indeed there were some who took a lot of pain to get through the problems and were overcome by them soon because of their zeal and enthusiasm. There are many to shout out like our dear ‘ saina nehwal ‘ the golden girl of Indian badminton,  ‘Mary Com’ the boxing champion known as the “million rupee girl”, ‘Sania Mirza’ the tennis player and many more who came out of their houses with the thought of proceeding,performing and coming out with flying colours.


Likewise everyone should have that feeling of working for their needs and wants.If they’ll have that power of stepping into their dreams and fulfill them by their hardwork.They’ll be good in every phase of their lives.


Article by – Samia Khan