Being the ‘desi’ girl adds making it like the Bollywood in any special occasion the first priority to your stylist list.
While picking an outfit for weddings or other big parties,you knowyou want something striking and ethereal , in terms of design as well as color. This is whee the evergreen Lehengas come in. Sober yet exquisite. You just cant help feeling like a princess 🙂

For years, lehenga designs  have undergone major changes because of the changing preferences of the people. Designer Lehenga is generally adjusted to the waist and consists of different types of excellent craftsmanship that has catapulted it to be one of the most prominent ethnic wears in market.
Fashion Herald collected some of the best lehenga designs from designers all across India for you. Just have a quick look.

lehenga article

Lehengas are worn in almost every part of India.They are outstanding as they represent an amalgamation of diverse cultures of India. lehenga article

They are made of different materials like cotton or silk which provide a wonderful texture and finish to the dress. lehenga article

Lehenga is one of the most important ethnic Indian wears of all times and has seen its popularity soar in present time. lehenga article

Lehengas are available in a mixture of colors which provide it a wonderful and ethereal look. lehenga article

Cotton with polyester content is one of the most popular materials is a mixture of c that has resulted in making the ethnic wear appear crispier than the normal dress.lehenga article

You can get a comprehensive list of ethnic wear and then choose the best among them depending on the features and material they are made of. lehenga article

Just go for your own shades and style. Feeling comfortable and gorgeous, which you are is the most important part of wearing a lehenga.lehenga article