Love stories are fascinating  and are most sought genre for many. Some stories bring back the cherished memories of teenage romance while others paint an unending saga of love across time. Those who love reading Classics also have a wide option to choose from.
Here are ten romantic books that will definetly leave a lasting impression-

great booksDr. Zhivago

The romantic novel written by Boris Pasternak is set at the backdrop of Russian Revolution of 1905. It is named after the protagonist Yuri Zhivago, who was a physician and poet. The story has an intricate plot and its unpredictable twists make it even more interesting. This novel was made into a film in 1965 and was adapted for television. Both history buffs and romantics will enjoy reading Dr. Zhivago.


Jane Eyre Jane_Eyre

‘Jane Eyre’ by English novelist Charlotte Bronte explores the emotions and experiences of the protagonist and her love for her employer Mr. Edward Rochester of the fictitious Thornfield Hall. Her reunion with her beloved is sure to bring tears of joy. There is a film adaptation of the novel.


gwtwGone With the Wind
‘Gone with the Wind’ is set in Clayton County Georgia and Atlanta during the American Civil War and Reconstruction Era. The ‘impossible’ love story of the roguish Rhett Butler and arrogant Scarlet O’Hara is captivating. Girls find the dark and intense Rhett very attractive; he is the greatest romantic hero of all times.



Woman in Love wil
This novel by D.H. Lawrence is a sequel to his earlier work ‘The Rainbow’ and it explores the love lives of the Brangwen sisters Ursula and Gurdun. Gurdun Brangwen an artist gets romantically involved with Gerald Crich, an industrialist. He compares Gurdun’s relationship that with Ursula and Rupert Birkin. The parallel love stories make this novel an interesting read.


love-storyLove Story
Love Story by American Writer Erich Segal became the top selling fiction in 1970 and was translated into 20 languages. This story reveals how two college students coming from different backgrounds will become inseparable lovers. The pure love between Oliver Barrett IV and Jennifer Cavilleri will inspire you to fall in love again!



The Passion 51wdEQUe9PL._UY250_
The Passion is not a historical novel but it uses history as a mere backdrop. Written by Jeanette Winterson the novel is all about survival, war and romance. What makes the story unique is its unconventional pairing. Henri a young French man meets Villanelle a cross-dressing Venetian woman in Russia and from here the narrative becomes complex.

Those who love mystery and suspense will enjoy reading ‘The Passion’.


PridePrejudice423x630Pride and Prejudice
This Classic Romantic novel and social satire is full of surprises. You can’t help but smile with glee as you read the last chapter of this book. The mysterious Darcy will fire your imagination and leave you brooding.




Just light some scented candles and play a soft instrumental melody as you start reading these evergreen romantic novels.