Netflix has proven itself a digital revolution in the current scenario. The platform exhibits a wide range of features with live streaming abilities as well and thereby supports the viewers to watch broad range of TV series, episodes, movies, documentaries along with the internet enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets etc to name a few. One of the best reasons to get it encouraged and downloaded all over the world is that the streaming stuffs are completely free from the unwanted commercial advertisements and complete focus is made towards the entertainment of the viewers without any hassle.

Fashion Herald writes about the top 3 trending Netflix series –

1. Sacred Games:

Netflix has decided a way to silently grab the user’s attention all over India with strategic release of most demanded series over the platform. Considering the issue, ‘Sacred Games’ has been proudly released over the platform not only in India but also in 190 countries altogether in a broad collection of four different languages along with the subtitles as well. Owing to the cinematic and optimum movie quality without any problematic issues over the Netflix platform, the movie has began to gain consistent positive reviews and widespread popularity along with the unmatched stellar performances of the actors involved. Netflix has targeted the profit possibilities of online video market in India which is about $ 700 million and is assumed to rise at about $ 2.4 billion as per the media partners. Netflix still lags behind in comparison to the competitors including Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video etc but still consistent on the way to take over them very soon.

2. Sherlock:

The series is completely based upon the detective drama and thereby attracts the viewer’s discretion over the same by making them connected to consistently assume the nest happenings soon after each and every moment. Sherlock has been inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective novels which focuses on a war veteran who is curious enough to switch over to some other adventurous career option and finally ends up after being a room partner with Sherlock. The series has been directed in a well strategic manner poured with adventures and suspense to consistently attract the user’s attention for getting more and more positive feedback about it. The episodes are made up of 90 minutes duration and three of the four series have been provided over the platform and viewers are curious enough to watch the fourth episode very soon.

3. Travelers:

Netflix’s one of the top rated trending series is ‘Travelers’ which has been made inspired by the Sci-Fi series of Canadian entertainment industries developed and run by Brad Wright. The episode is focused on a team of 9 members who are sent back of the current century for preventing them from post-apocalyptic future which has been an origin of their existence. Out of the three seasons, two of them has already been provided over the platform with extreme thrill, adventures and suspense where the
entire viewer’s focus and twist lies on the hurdles and journey difficulties during the course of travel.
The discussed set of Netflix series have proven to be the most trending over the platform and is gaining widespread and unexpected popularity over the course of time.