The Grub Hub thrived to make it an unforgettable experience for all the foodies in the town by giving them have a taste of mouth-wateringfood. The Grub Hub provided an opportunity to all the foodies in the town tosatisfy their taste palate on the different cuisines the fest has to offer.Only fresh and high quality food was served at the fest, showcasing the best of Lucknow.


The Grub Hub is a unique food festival as the festival includes live band performances, stand-up comedy, cycle stunts, cooking competition, scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, open mic. and many more interesting activities. The Grub Hub promises to give a delightful experience to all the foodies in town with a blend of food, music and comedy.
fashion-herald-eventThe Grub Hub was organised by a group of college students, called The Club 90s. Calling themselves as the ‘Young Adults’, the Club 90s, this summer, while coming back to Lucknow, took the initiative to do something very intriguing and new in the city.
The main aim of The Grub Hub was to promote and provide a platform to all the youngsters to showcase their talent to the public. All the artists at the food festival were locals and youngsters.

Working with a number of NGOs, Club 90s organized book and stationery donation at the food festival, and with a positive response from the people of Lucknow, a lot of books were donated at various NGOs.
Other than the book donation camp, Club 90s also organized a dog adoption camp at the festival where people could adopt dogs and puppies for free.
The Grub Hub food festival organised at 15th& 16th July, 2017 was a humongous success as a lot of people took part in all the activities and also loved the concept of the festival.