ss (2)Sudhanshu Srivastava

A simple boy from Azamgarh  whose destiny took him on the path of spirituality in Haridwar is now a director of 3 successful  companies and  two firms.

Sudhanshu Srivastava started life very modestly.

” Going to Haridwar was not in my plan and little did I know while leaving for it that the place would become so important part of my life.Haridwar taught my a lot about spirituality and religion.. After that I came to Lucknow an did simple jobs to sustain myself.” – recollects Sudhanshu

Sudhanshu has met success the hard way, working hard and keeping all his ethics intact.  “ My days at Haridwar sudhanshu-neelima-interviewtaught me much. The place taught me what life is the hard way. I had hit a major financial crisis in my initial days in Lucknow. That is where I got my first job in a real estate company. Real estate was booming in those days and offered good career prospects. So when a relative offered my a job, I grabbed the opportunity with a smiling face. I believe it was destiny that brought me to my job.”  Tells Sudhanshu optimistically reflecting his past.

Sudhanshu came to Lucknow and soon started his own work. His clear business ethics and transparent process soon helped in grow his business. And it was due to the knowledge he gained during his stay at Haridwar that gave him the name ‘Gurubhai’ amongst his circle.

One of the most important aspects of Sudhanshu which differentiates him with his competitors is that Sudhanshu never ran after the wealthy and the elite. He was happy to sell property even to a common rikshawala and chaiwala. According to him, this is what gives him immense joy.

“ I always believe in being a ‘Karmyogi’. I keep working no matter what life throws at me. I keep no Social, economic or political barriers in professional or personal life. I think this is important. People don’t keep these barriers at work, but somehow these barriers come up in personal life. This should not be the case. Any barrier binds you, Slows your success down. In order to be successful, one must let go of all the prejudice and hate and start loving the people he meets.”

His love and acceptance led him to create goodwill for his brand in a short time. This helped sudhanshu a lot when he launched his ‘Nidhi Banking initiative’.

“We were very lucky to get permission to start our nidhi banking. During the first month of its inception only, we got over 550 clients. That was really encouraging. We have not looked back ever since”.

After the success of his real estate and and nidhi banking initiatives, Sudhanshu also wishes to step into other domains now. He is an active member of various NGOs and has various businesses in pipeline with upcoming government projects as well. Sudhanshu Srivastava is the chief patron of Fashion Herald as well and team FH is proud to have him as one of its prime peers.

“There needs to be an urge inside you to see not only yourself, but everyone around you successful.”

“In the end, all I want is for people who meet me everyday to say – ‘Aadmi Theek Tha’.