If you hate counting calories or watching your weight every second day, we understand that! That is exactly why we are here to help you with some simple and stylish tricks to stop looking bigger and start looking better! Here are some wardrobe, fashion, makeup and styling rules that will make you look slimmer instantly. So, read on to make your life simpler.


Wardrobe weapon

wmvz3uaMost of the perfect figures that you see on television, are a result of clever wardrobe tricks. Look at your body in the mirror to identify your problem areas. If the top part is larger than the bottom, then buy tops that minimise the upper area. Always stay away from horizontal stripes. If your hip area is heavier, then wear necklines and colours that keep the eye upward. Discover your signature style, and stick to it. A v-neckline top or dress is the best wardrobe weapon for a full-figured woman.


Hairstyle that suits your face

WALUSCHA D’SOUZASome hairstyles make your face look thinner, while others make it look rounder. Hook yourself with a hairstyle that works to make your face look thinner. For instance, if you have a round face, then you should think about maintaining long hair. Go for layered bangs that would help to make your face look slender. If you want a short hairstyle, then you can go for bob cut with razored ends. Apart from these, even highlights can help to create a vertical line on your face that makes your face look longer and slim.


Makeup tricks

Urvashi_Rautela_in_2014Makeup helps you to look slim instantly. Expert makeup artist Bharti Taneja says, “One can create sculpted cheekbones or hide double chin after understanding the high and low points of the face.”

Contouring and highlighting tricks can help you do the trick.

She further says that if you wish to downplay your double chin, then apply a darker colour foundation on your jawline blending into the neck.

The illusion of depth will definitely give your face a lot more definition and make it look slimmer. Also, always keep your eyebrows in shape.

Stick to one colour

miss-divaThis is a great fashion trick for all the plus-sized women. Take one single colour and stick to it. This will create an elongating effect, which will make you look not only tall, but slimmer as well. Those who have a heavy midriff should definitely stay away from wearing contrasting colours in uppers and lowers, as this would draw unnecessary attention to the middle area.

Black is the best colour for those who wish to hide their problem areas. An ‘all black’ outfit is vouched by many full-figured women to be their best wardrobe choice. Well, if you don’t want an ‘all black’ wardrobe, then here is a trick for you to keep in mind. Use bright colours to highlight your good features and darker ones to hide the bulges. Darker colours help to camouflage trouble areas of your body.


Pose perfect

dadasaheb awardsNot only is it crucial to wear pantyhose under your clothes to hide the bulge, but when you are in front of a camera, learn to pose properly. Always turn sideways to the camera with one foot in front of the other.

Pull your head a little downwards to ensure that the double chin disappears.

Hold your arm away from the body, and gently suck your stomach in.

If you cannot do all this, then just look away from the camera, turn suddenly towards it with a smile for a fresh look.


Make heels your new BFF

High Heel Fashion“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe.

Yes girls, shoes can certainly do a lot for you. Well, if you want to look taller and slimmer, then you have to make heels your ‘best friends forever’. Even the slightest heel can make your legs appear longer than they really are. This is ‘the’ fashion tip for a woman to vouch for. So, ditch your flats to elongate your body.