TomatoTomatina or Tomato just thinking of it we visualize a beautiful round red fruit with an awesome tangy sweet taste hmmmmmm……yummy!!!! This veggie or should I say fruit plays a vital ingredient in Indian recipe, may it be dal or any other vegetable to be, tomato plays an important role in the recipe which no doubt brings a special treat for our taste buds.

In today’s world one should not only taste oriented but should also be health conscious. Do you know that our body is made up of cells and that millions of these cells get destroyed in course to carry out different activities and that they are required to be repaired and replaced. Cells are made up of different types of protiens and these proteins are made up of amino acid. There are 23 types of amino acids, out of which 13 types are produced by the body where for the other 10 it has to depend on fruits and vegetables. So let’s find out the hidden secrets of ‘Tomatina’.


Eating Tomato for healthy body:

Gargling with tomato juice mixed with water can heal mouth blisters.

Eating tomato with salt empty stomach in the morning kill worms.

Having tomato slices with salt increases the appetite.

Consuming 100 gms of tomato juice with 3 gms of black salt helps you to cope up with blood deficiency.

Tomatoes consist of a hormone called thyroxin deficiency of which can cause disease like hypothyroidism.

Tomatoes are also rich in Prothrombin, deficiency of this hormone causes haemophilia (disease in which blood do not clot) and excessive bleeding can lead to death.

Tomatoes are good for bones and can cure joint pain as it is rich in chlorine.

It also consists of vitamin C which is required for healthy teeth and gums.

Eating tomatoes before meals avoids constipation.


Tomatina’s secret for Cleopatra’s beauty:

To have a soft and blemish and mark free skin apply a mixture of lemon juice and tomato juice in the ratio 1:2.Apply this mixture on your face on daily basis.

Applying a paste of tomato juice mixed with equal amount of lemon juice and little bit of fresh cream half an hour before bathing will decrease the fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

To have a blemish free skin prepare a mixture of tomato, tulsi, mint, coriander and lemon juice one table spoon each. Apply this mixture twice a week and keep it for 20 minutes to have a glowing skin.

For beautiful lushy lips apply a mixture of tomato juice and glycerin.

For dark circles prepare a paste of 1 spoon of tomato juice add half spoon of lemon juice a pinch of raw turmeric and a little bit of chickpea powder ,apply it under eye and around dark circles. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash with cold water.


Apply Tomatoes for baby soft Skin:

Take around 2 spoons of ripen tomato juice and add equal quantity of glycerin and lemon juice to it and apply it as body lotion to have soft nourished skin.

Tomato juice mixed with coconut water in equal quantity can cure skin disease such as itching.

The best way to remove the blackishness in the knee and elbow region use tomato, cucumber and lemon one table spoon each and add one spoon of sugar make it into a paste and rub it against these areas leave it for 10 minutes and wash.