Mission Impossible 5The First Looks of MI5, the 5th and probably the last of the famous Mission Impossible series looks promising.The sequel directed by Oscar winner Christopher McQuarrie features (of course)Tom Cruise as IMF secret agent Ethan Hunt, along with his companions Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner, and Simon Pegg. Ferguson, Alec Baldwin and Sean Harris are the new inclusions to the sequel

Cruise, Pegg and Ferguson presented two action sequences from the film, which are detailed below. Be advised of Official Trailer below

Ayet another movie clipped (the one posted on our FB page) shows Tom Cruise hanging outside a plane.Notably, Cruise, who is known to put stuntmen out of work, has been doing his own stunts and is a trained vehicle stunt rider himself !!

The trailer show Ethan having been gassed and captured.He wakes up shackled to a pipe. The seductive agent Ilsa Faust (Ferguson) enters the room and the action starts. Ehan is also seen in a breathtaking motorcycle action scnene and dodging bullets in his famous running style.


Check out the Mission Impossible


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