Fashion TechWith Apple’s upcoming flagship device dubbed as iPhone 6 all set to be unveiled a few weeks from now, specifications, including processor, memory and display have made it to the media. Now, some more interesting features of the device that gadget lovers will want to know have been leaked.


The Cupertino giant Apple Inc. hasn’t revealed the release date of its upcoming device but has announced a media event on 9 September, giving a strong hint that iPhone 6 will be unveiled on the day before shipping a few days later.


According to a report by French website iGen, screenshot of the iPhone6 specification obtained from Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn revealed three code names – N51 (iPhone 5s), N6 (4.7-inch iPhone 6), and N56 (5.5-inch iPhone 6).


The screenshots of the devices obtained by the website has revealed the dimension and protruding camera of the handsets. N56 Proto 1 has 158×77.12×7 dimension and weighs 168.5g, while Proto 2 shows 158.07×77.79×7.10 dimension with 184.6g. The N61 measures 138.14×66.97×6.90 without mention of its weight, while N51 has 123.83×58.57×7.6 dimension and weighs 112g.


Interestingly, both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch devices will come with a protruding camera, unlike earlier iPhone series. iGen reported that both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch devices will come with protruding cameras “reminiscent of the iPod touch 5G optics should exceed 0.77 mm on the N61, and 0.67 mm on the N56.” N56 Proto 1 shows a 0.77mm while Proto 2 shows 0.67mm.


The Week had earlier reported that the iPhone 6 might come with a super-slim frame with a depth of just 6mm while leaked specifications by Amazon claimed that it would be 7mm thin compared to 7.6mm frame seen in iPhone 5s. It was also speculated that Apple Inc. might turn to Liquidmetal to ensure that the super-slim handset is more durable and lighter than its predecessor.