Tell us in detail about yourself and how you were drawn to tarot card reading.

My name is Sangeeta Jhangiani and I feel blessed to be a psychic reader. People use meditation, vipasna, dream interpretation, etc to connect with their Inner Guide or the Higher Self. I use Tarot.

I also analyse human behaviour, character and thought process of the person through GRAPHOLOGY (Handwriting) and SIGNATURE ANALYSIS.


Years ago when I was told about Tarot Reading, I wondered how can a deck of cards reveal your life situations or remedies…But then one day when, out of curiosity, I opened myself up to a deck of cards, I little realised that I had subconsciously signalled my Inner Guide that I was open to the wisdom. Mysterious things began to happen…my intuitive powers became stronger. I was able to guide myself through my problems and thus resolve them. Tarot was connecting me to my Higher Self…IT WAS THE TAROT CONNECTION.

What is Tarot, really?

Most of you, who are not aware, let me tell you what Tarot Cards are – Tarot is a deck of cards through which we come to know about the Past, Present and Future of a Person in all Matters: Career, Business, Finance, Marriage, Friends, Love, Family, Education, Health, Travel etc.


You are a renowned tarot card reader. What sort of services do you provide to clients? How can people, in your opinion, benefit from a Tarot reading?

I Provide Tarot Readings and Handwriting & Signature Analysis to my clients.

Sangeeta-Jhangiani-InterviewTarot Card Reading does an in depth analysis of your situation and delivers an empowering and positive outcome, thus guiding you through obstacles in the past which may be holding you back at the present and continues through to the future outcome of your situation.

I as a Tarot Card Reader will not make decisions on your part, but my role is to simply encourage you to make choices for yourself without being judgemental about you. The aim is to provide you with as much of information as you need to walk away, feeling clearer, stronger and lighter, and even more in tune with your path and purpose. Tarot Predictions aim to provide you a clear vision and act as an inspirational source for a bright future.


What has been your biggest challenge with regards to your abilities? How have you overcome this challenge?

My Cards and My Mom have always been very supportive despite the fact that when I started doing Tarot readings I was working from Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6pm as a Sr.Manager Customer Support. The biggest challenge was to adjust timings and give quality time to my clients despite being stressed in office and without avoiding or ignoring my office responsibilities.

But I must say with the blessings of my God Sai baba I have always been very blessed with the clients in time adjustments and finding their ways to me their way with regard to trusting my abilities

Can you mention some of your clients ?

Well I would like to but my clients would not like if I share their names as I believe few things should remain confidential so that privacy is maintained with due respect for best working and professional relations. Hope my readers will appreciate and understand my reply to this question.

Who have been your icons?

In Bollywood I am a fan of the greatest Iconic actor Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji as he is not only one of the best actor but also a person who knows to face every situation with smile and courage. A person who understands life. I take this great iconic personality as my guide and mentor.


It’s a very existential question but what’s next for you? What have you not done?

Life is full of wishes and wants till our last breath. I am quite satisfied with what I possess I just wish that I give my service to all those who need guidance and suggestions to make their lives to the right directions and decisions to lead a healthy and successful life. At the moment I have clients all over the world maybe at a certain period of life I would love to represent myself to different countries and give my expertise sessions as and when time permits.

What is your Fashion Matra?

Fashion is something that has a different meaning for different people. One cannot bind fashion into a proper definition or framework, but broadly, I can say that fashion is your unique style of carrying yourself with Confidence and Positivity. You inner confidence can really make you more classy and elegant.