We teamed up with The FashionFeedWeb ( insta : @fashionfeedweb) blogger Akshita Vohra and fashion model Divya Oswal ( insta : @divyaoswal.official) to bring to you the beginner’s guide to high-end-fashion.
Here is the High Fashion Themed Shoot that we will be talking about today. 


Champagne and The Red Wine are chillin’ in a Sports Bar. 

High Fashion is something you do not think about so often. It is a trend-setting exclusive fashion which sets you apart from the crowd. 
High-end Fashion can also be termed as Haute Couture
Haute Couture consists of specially designed garments which are known for their exclusivity, high-end dressmaking and intricate detailing. 
We tried to portray High-End Fashion at a Minimal Level so that you guys can also get the idea of how we can actually be a part of it. 
Blushy nude gown worn by Divya Oswal epitomizes Champagne whereas Akshita’s Burgandy Gown relates to The Red Wine. 
We have gone for such dramatic analogues to explain, the colors we’ve chosen for this Theme. 
Infact this is just the example, you can take their hues for your gowns and get inspired from our silhouettes. 
Silhouettes can have a pretty good fall or they can be structured as well as can have a flow in it. 
The Blushy Nude gown required a subtle makeup and a pretty princess feel with pink lipstick whereas the Bold Burgandy gown required a similar kind of Bold Edgy Makeup with Cherry Lipper. 
We opted for sleek hair with a bit of volume at the roots of our hair to enhance the look and coordinate the two of them. 
This would help you choose which way you like it better according to your personality and the things that you should be focusing on.