New Delhi: Microsoft founder Bill Gates met Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, Firday, along with his wife Melinda Gates

Praising the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s  for better sanitation and hygiene in the country, Gates said that building toilets was only the beginning. A bigger challenge, he said, was bringing about a change in people’s attitude towards sanitation.

After having stepped down as the chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates, 58, and his wife Melinda Gates, 50, have been spending their time on philanthropy. The man with a fortune of $76 billion discussed the issues of sanitation in India with Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari on Friday.

“The key topic that we’ll work together on is sanitation; we agree that is super important. The attention that the minister and the Prime Minister are bringing to that topic is fantastic. Rural development and building toilets are only the beginning, getting the behaviours to change is a big challenge,” Gates told TOI.

Earlier, he said the real test for India’s new government would lie in how it embraces unpopular decisions which would be of benefit to the country.

“The real test of the government is whether they are willing to do things that are good for the country. Common- sense thinking and embracing the unpopular. What good is the mandate if they are not able to do such things,” Gates said.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates also called on Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari.