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Indira Gandhi

New Delhi: A controversial film based on the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi,Kaum De Heere (Diamonds of the Community), is set for release today.

Congress protested the release  in the country by writing to the prime minister saying that the Punjabi film titled “Kaum De Heere”, should be banned as it glorifies the assassins.The party in Punjab, has threatened to carry out protests if the film is released.

The assassination of Mrs Gandhi was done in October 1984.She was shot dead by her Sikh bodyguards for sending the military into the Golden Temple.

Kaum De Heere tells the story of Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, who killed Mrs Gandhi.

While, Beant Singh was killed by police shortly after the murder, Satwant Singh was later hanged.

According to Sikhs, “Thousands were murdered when the army entered the Golden Temple.”

Post, Indira Gandhi’s assassination, communal violence triggered and reportedly more than 3,500 Sikhs were killed in attacks across India.

However, refuting all the charges,Kaum De Heere’s producer Ravinder Singh said, “I followed the court case and the inquiry report into the assassination and spent a lot of time with Satwant and Beant Singh’s families before making the film.”

Questioning the protest of Congress, the filmmaker of Kaum De Heere (Diamonds of the Community) asked, “Films have been made about political assassinations all over the world, so why can’t a film be made on Mrs Gandhi’s assassination?”