Hair FashionMens Hairstyles: Guys, I have got good news for you. We arrived into the age where it’s the person who wears the haircut and style, rather than the other way round. Today so much emphasis is placed on a guy’s hair style and so it should be. But there are still the do’s and don’ts of men’s hair, and there will always be, but you no longer have to conform on the latest style that promises to make you look like the heartthrob the ladies are going crazy over…….Trust me on this “HAIR are the STYLES”.

So what are the latest hair trends, well my answer to that would be Everything! yes exactly Everything from you head shape ,hair texture and facial features; its therefore important to get the haircut and style that specifically suits you.

In order to give you inspire you with different hairstyles or cuts, here are some suggestion you can try on……

Round face:

Ask for side bangs or a side parting of any length can help create an illusion of less round face. Closely cut sides are also good, keep the lines clean and the volume low.

Avoid sharp bangs, as this can make the face look even more round.

Square face:

Ask for a less styled structure. Go for a cut that is loose and has movement. Keeping it longer on top and short on sides enhances the strong features that accompany a square face. Side burns are also good options, so feel free to keep them long.

Avoid flat tops at all costs. The box cut can make your head look like a wall clock.

Oval face:

Ask for, well anything yes Anything! An oval face can pull off any style, so feel free to experiment a little-especially if you have the benefit of having a full mane. Typically, asymmetrical cuts will give you an awesome and a daring look. Keeping it a bit “ruffled” with the aid of a cream will keep it contained without weighing it down and making them appear glossy.

Avoid sideburns-especially if your face is a long oval. Keep them cut to the top of the ear. Also if you want bangs, keep them light.

Bald boldness:

Of course, if your hairline is receding, medium length cut is not for you!!! Go for very short hair in the front with rest of your hair cut short all around to make them appear fuller.

For those of you who are balding, shaving it all off is the best look for you. The average time span you should wait between the shaves is five days.

I hope you now you have enough inspiration to get out there and change your hairstyle that will make you feel great. Take advantage of the fact that many styles are considered fashionable, so get the one that suits your facial features, shape of your head, and overall look.With that mind, you will look better than your peers…. by more than hair.