The human body is so constituted that it suffers from some kind of disease at one time or the other. The reason is that today’s man does not live in accordance with the laws of nature. He lives in his material world and partakes of material object ,which adversely affect his mind and body which causes disturbance in the symbiotic harmony and leads to mental and physical disorders.

We hear several cases of teenagers and adults suffering from mental depression and attempting suicide. This is the


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outcome of unnatural lifestyle adopted by them. When mind suffers agitation, body is bound to get affected.Medical science has made tremendous progress and has eliminated or largely controlled many diseases but it could not create a holistic treatment ,which could take care of both mind and body.

Yoga teaches us how to live a healthy and vibrant life.Yoga is devised to provide a system for total improvement of practitioner’s personality.It co-ordinates and synchronizes the function of our body with our thoughts, emotions, intellect and self.

No part of this integral combination can be treated in isolation.Therefore , yoga develops human personality in totality.It restores physical as well as mental health and strength. For its holistic treatment , yoga has become a household word all over the globe and outshines the medical advances in the West.Most of the books available in the market fail to propagate yoga amongst common people, as most of them are of high orders and are more suitable for teachers.

Through these series of articles we will be focusing on physical health through ‘Asanas’(postures) ,their methodology and their benefits and help you experience good health and sound body.

  1. TADASANA (Palm tree pose)    


Step one: Stand straight up with legs together, hands by the side touching the legs. Heels and toes also must touch each other.

Step two: Raise the hands above the head with palms touching each other. Stretch the shoulders and raise the hands as far above as possible. Look straight in front at an imaginary point in the line with the eyes. Keep the head, the neck and the shoulder in one straight line.

Step three: Lift the heels and stand on toes. Simultaneously open the palms out and extend the fingers apart. Then walk to and fro for a few steps. Hold the posture for some time. Repeat it five times


a)      Due to prolong standing while practicing Tadasana its standing variation should be done with caution by those suffering from headaches, insomnia, or low blood pressure.

b)      Since the feet serve as a foundation for the rest of the body in this and other standing asanas, the position of the feet is of high importance. Minor alteration in the position of the feet affects posture throughout the body.

c)       Keep the head , neck, and shoulder in a straight line.


Benefits: Helps in increasing height.


More to come soon…