I hope you guys are having a great day. The winter season has arrived and we all become so lazy and just want to burrow in on the weekends. People often think winter stuff is quite less trendy as compared to the summer stuff but that is not so. There are some amazing winter looks that protects us from the cold and makes us look stylish at the same time. So, how do you manage the weird weather transitions? Do you have a go-to item of clothing for yourself? Have a look on mine..

There’s a way to show skin in Winter, and it looks something like this. I wore an off shoulder sweater and I truly love them! They are super girly, warm and stylish. Though it is not technically an off the shoulder sweater, but I made it off the shoulder because of its broad neck. You can actually wear it in two ways. 1. Like in the photo above, 2. Without dropping the sleeves off the shoulder. For chillier days, option 2 might be the way to go.

I paired it with black denims as I feel bright colours go really well with dark hues in contrast. Many things may change but black denims will always be a winter standby. Black denims are a saviour !! Coming to the footwear, there’s something about a pair of tan boots that makes them suit almost any outfit that you could think of. They’re the ultimate transitional wardrobe item, working just as well with cozy sweaters and denims in the colder months as they do with pretty summer dresses. I love the contrast of tan boots with black jeans. And not to forget, these super amazing brown sunglasses that add to the look !

So, this blog was all about the winter chick look for this year. Similarly, you can read many more trendy blogs in Fashion Herald, which is Lucknow’s one of the top fashion magazines that talks about fashion and trends. You may also have a look on some more pictures from this blog on their official website (http://www.fashionherald.in) . Follow them on Instagram too for amazing fashion updates (@the_fashion_herald) .

Happy Winter Loves ♥

Photography – @madhukant_tripathi



Gauri  (@gaurisiingh)

Source: https://gaurisiingh.wordpress.com/2017/12/15/fall-must-have/