No single diet is perfect for all genetic types. The “perfect” diet for you to stay healthy could come down to your DNA, with small variations in genetics meaning eating habits that are healthy for others could cause you to pile on extra pounds.

A DNA Diet is designed to assist the healthcare practitioner in the design of a personalized healthy eating plan based on individual genetic differences. It also provides additional insight into how each individual reacts to carbohydrates, saturated fats and intensity of exercise, allowing your dietician to further personalize the eating plan to suit your needs. The diet for every individual happens to be unique.

About The Organization: 

Diet Clinic is a platform for the overall fitness and Wellness of the people and is very well recognized name for the weight loss programs and therapeutics & lifestyle.

Diet Clinic which is headquartered in Gurugram was founded in 2005 by Dietitian Sheela Seharawat and Mr Rajiv Seharawat. Dietitian Sheela Seharawat is a big name in the world of Diets, Nutrition & therapeutics and now, she is successfully running and mentoring 36 Clinics across the India and the number is still increasing.  She is one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in the country.

Also, Mr. Rajiv Seharawat is the man who manages all the business of the company in each & every aspect and field. He is a certified Life Coach, studied in California University of Integrated Studies, USA. He’s an innovative entrepreneur and a Business Guru to many. The success of Diet Clinic is the fruit of their utmost efforts, dedication and hard work.

Diet Clinic has treated a lot more than 1,20,000 people from India and foreign countries, in 13 years of their successful journey and has won a number of prestigious awards for their excellence since the very start. An another diamond added to the name of Diet Clinic Health Care as an renowned magazine and organization recognized and awarded “Diet Clinic” in their annual listing of “10 Best Startups in Fitness, 2017”.

Adding to that, Dietitian Sheela Seharawat is a registered dietitian under IDA. She holds her master’s degree in food and nutrition  She is a graduate with honors. She has been honored with many prestigious awards and, before starting her own company; she was the professional attendant in the Army Hospital.

She has trained the entire team of dietitians and nutritionist working for Diet Clinic . You’ll be glad to know that more than 95% of the employees of the whole organization  are women, working across the country. Also, The client ratio of the organization falls at 70:30, which means that more than 70% of the clients are women.

Addition to that, all the outlets of the organization are being successfully mentored by the women.

Soon her star up is going to spread wings in UAE and western Europe, which will also be mentored and run by women.

About the Founders:


Dietitian Sheela Seharawat

In the world of health and nutrition dietician Sheela Seharawat is a well known name. Along with her master’s degree in food & nutrition she also holds benevolence and dedication in her character. She has been practicing since 2006 and a registered dietician under IDA. She is among the founding members of the Diet Clinic which has presently more than 35 outlets running successfully all over the country. Prior to her individual practice, she remained associated as a dietician with Indian Army hospital for a Short time. While she was an intern during her master’s degree she dealt many clients gratuitously.

She has conducted many research works before and during her practice as dietician and has a keen interest in exploring new breakthroughs.  She always keeps herself updated with latest happenings and developments in the field of food and nutrition and is an active participant in various health related seminars, webinars, workshops, health camps and related social functions. She is a motivational speaker and due to her humble inspiration many people have lost their unwanted kilos and living a healthy and motivated life. She has been evolved as an expert dietician in past whole decade of working of Diet Clinic.

With the help of trained staff of dieticians, she is efficiently managing the 35 outlets of Diet Clinic. Our procedure to recruit a dietician is strict and tough so that we can provide best in class service and care to our clients.  Our sound base of clientage and their superb success stories testifies the fact that Sheela Sehrawat has left no stone unturned to make this organization a huge success. She is famous for her special diet plans which are customized for better performance.

Her revered motto is “LET YOUR DIET WORK FOR YOU.” 


Rajiv Seharawat CEO MDRajiv Seharawat, CEO

Rajiv Seharawat is a man who wears many feathers on his hat. He is a one-man army and runs the whole show. He is in the office. He is visiting his Franchise outlets and happily giving time to his friends and others and motivating everyone to do the best in their life.

He is a certified Life Coach, studied in California University of Integrated Studies, USA. He is the man who is behind the huge success of diet clinic and each day he is addressing new options which can help him and others to grow in life with healthy living.

He is not from dietetic background but his entrepreneurial and management skills bring smile is everyone’s face. He says, “Happiness is not possible without good health and happiness is what counts at the end, whether it is your client, franchise owner or your staff. If everyone is happy then automatically you will be happy and your family will be happy too.”
He never fears to experiment. He is always ready to learn something new.  “Go for a new venture and there is always something that will teach you and help you to grow. So my focus is always on the learning. The better you learn the better you can execute your decision.” He says.

In fact this very nature has made him very popular and many entrepreneurs are regularly in touch with him and he sometimes also helps others to smooth their business operations.

“Weight loss is a duty for everyone – to keep your body healthy and enjoy the rich blessing of life by staying healthy. Help & Support everyone to feel good and remain healthy. Allow us to help you and help others. Your trust is what matters”