With summers just stepping in, it is time when we need to look into our lifestyle and eating patterns also. It is important that apart from drinking a lot and lot of water to stay hydrated,we need to make certain dietary alterations with lighter a healthier foods to keep our mind and body cooler.
Eating lighter during the summers is natural, but opting for an ice cream instead of a hot soup is also quite natural in summers. It is true that our preferences shifts from high caloric foods to low ones, but we need to ensure we select the healthier ones to stay on top of our health in the summers.
One of the greatest way to enjoy any season healthily, is to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. So, let’s take a look at some of the changes we can and need to make in our dietary pattern during the summer season.

1. A Must: Add a serving or veggies and fruits to your daily diet

This thing is not exactly a change, but an addition to tour current daily diet. Even adding a serving of the two per day can make a lot of changes in your daily summer life apart from helping you to reduce your chances of suffering from some of the most dreaded diseases. It
keeps you off from acnes, maintaining your skin glow and boosting the internal SPF during the summers.

2. Opt for whole grains against refined carbs during the summers

Be it the winters, summers or any other season, refined carbs are no good for our health. It is one of the prime reason for many health hazards and the most critical ones are heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. Although, we all make our choices to go for refined carbs in the winter months. Swap it with whole grains in the summers to stay light, improve your digestion and positively impact your mood and memory. They help you stay feller for long and keeps you away from all the unhealthy foods of the season.

3. Go nuts instead of chips and other packed foods

Nuts are not only healthy, but are also delicious. Just like refined carbs, chips and other processed and packed foods have negative impact on our health and stands as reasons for many illness like heart ailments, diabetes and others. Add a little to your breakfast’s cereals, salads and other foods and stray healthier and fuller during the summers.

4. Replace meats and chicken with plant based protein sources

Meats and chicken do provide us with the needed protein supply, but these are heavy on our stomach and especially during the hot weather. Opt for plant protein sources that are light and easy to digest. Proteins are much needed for healthy skin, muscles and tissues and the blood vessels. Go for more of beans, tofu, nuts and other plant protein sources.

5. Go for unsweetened and fresh sources of food instead of artificially sweetened ones

We prefer light food during the summers. And, it is why we try to grab fruits juices and yoghurts to keep us light and hydrated when we see some while we move, without knowing that these are doing more damage than good to our health. All of these are sweetened with
artificial sweeteners and added sugar. Be wary, and go for fresh home-made stuff. Do have plenty of fruits and vegetable juices, but only freshly made without any additives and as for yoghurt, opt for an unsweetened version like the Greek yoghurt.
Staying healthy and light should be your first priority during the summers.

Stay hydrated always by drinking adequate quantity of water and other fluids. Make sure that you have your protection on while going out and avoid any sort of processed and packaged foods. Stay light and stay healthy should be your mantra for the summers.