chandrababu-naiduWhat Prime Minister Narendra Modi had declared to implement in Indian governance, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has already started in his ministry by holding nation’s first e-cabinet meeting on Monday.

Modi has been encouraging people and government to adapt e-governance ever since he took charge as Indian PM in May this year.

Now, Tech-savvy Naidu has brought this idea to life and held a paperless meeting with his cabinet members where they used tablets and e-devices to feed the minutes of discussion. All the remarks and suggestions were reportedly noted down on tablets and PowerPoint was used for presentations.

All the members in the meeting stored information, e-files pertaining to the meeting and agendas raised during discussions on their electronic devices through an app named “e-cabinet.”

Sharing first e-document at the meeting, Naidu kept forth the idea of creating “Sunrise state of AP.”

“We have strived hard to formulate policies for our state. We realise that every step of ours is going to lay a strong foundation in scripting the future. In this journey, I appeal to each one of you to walk with me in transforming Andhra Pradesh into ‘Swarnandhra Pradesh’,” Naidu said.


All the information stored on their devices is password-secured and to share files among the cabinet members, they need to use FileCloud tool, The Indian Express reported.

This new tech-savvy meeting and file storage systems have most likely done away with the fear of losing and misplacing files that was easy to happen with papers.

It was Naidu, who took the first initiative to include technology in governance during his tenure as AP CM back in 1995-2004.