The human nature is changeable. But he also has a core nature which never changes. On this basis we can quite assume human behavior to have a pivot. We can see different human behaviors in Bigg Boss. If we analyze their behavior we find that we also do the same in our ordinary life. Some are simple, some are cleaver, some are innocent and some are snitcher. All contestants are there for competition and all have set their strategies, but observing there methods of achieving their target is a part of behavior analysis. It is always intertesting to note when a clever person becomes emotional, a snitcher becomes simple, a hero becomes villain, well.
bigg boss    Gautam Gulati had abused Karishma. Tanna and Karishma took benefit by uproar on this .When you get advantage with other’s mistake, this is shrewd nature. To make a big issues on small things like Sukriti and Upen Patel case and Sukriti and Gautam’s case, this is a mediocre nature because you are not getting any benefits out of it.
In my point of view it is very important to be a social and approachable, otherwise people won’t understand you, will always taunt you and will not be ready to help you or support you like Sonali’s nomination and Pritam Singh’s nomination.

340677-deepshikha-as-pritam-at-bigg-boss-8.jpg    Punit Issar is snitching very smartly. Deepshikha is always trying to increase small topics, Sukriti is always trying to get sympathy,Minisha Lamba is trying to inflame others by innocence masked activities. All these are complex and smart behaviour examples. Behavior analysis is a continuous process. So we will continue this analysis with Bigg Boss and will give you very exciting analysis about human behavior.




By- Chandan Singh