Author: Neha Bisht


WALUSCHA D’SOUZA ROBINSON Wardrobe staples: I’ve always had a small waist and a big bottom, but I don’t shy away from wearing what I want. I do like wearing jeans with nicely fitted shirts. Go-to outfit: I tend to live in trousers. My body-hugging black pair look great with a nice top and six-inch heels. Body most beautiful: Beyoncé. Fitness formula: I had three children by the time I was 25. It was easier to get back into shape since I was young. For the last seven years, though, I’ve been doing multi-functional training with Yasmin...

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“There Will Never Be A Reconciliation,” Sussanne Khan Clarifies!

There is a buzz in certain sections of Bollywood (the sections that claim to be in the know about the inner circle) that the crisis in Hrithik Roshan’s life has brought his estranged wife Sussanne close to him once again. Says a friend of the couple, “Sussanne is softening.She had resolved to stay completely out of Hrithik’s life. But the Kangana controversy prodded Sussanne to stand up and speak for Hrithik. It’s a welcome gesture and a happy sign of a possible patch.” On Sunday afternoon when Sussanne was spotted with Hrithik and their two sons talk of a...

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‘Dramas Today Proudly Show Our Women As Victims’: Humaima Malick

When I asked her to describe her character Annie in Dekh Magar Pyar Se, her reply was short; ‘She’s a Patakha’. And that is precisely what Humaima Malick is. A live wire! A cracker busting with energy; someone who is too spontaneous to be categorized. She is the first Pakistani to have been featured in the latest issue of the British Vogue. She was only fourteen when she walked the ramp as a showstopper for a leading fashion designer, and since then her catwalk on the road of success hasn’t slowed down.  Sadiq Saleem in conversation with the stunning Humaima Malick whose latest flick ‘Dekh Magar...

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Guess What is Salman Khan’s Special Name For Alleged Girlfriend Iulia Vantur?

The media and the gossipmongers are having as much fun uncovering the truth behind Salman Khan and Romanian TV personality Iulia Vantur’s relationship, as the two of them are enjoying hiding it! Though there has been no official confirmation of any kind from any party, Iulia’s omnipresence at any Salman related event is itself a giveaway. From attending his 50th birthday bash to visiting him on the sets on Bigg Boss to spending time on his farm, Iulia is seeming like a permanent fixture in Bhai’s life.   With so much buzz around Bhai’s love life, an article in Bollywood Life reported that a source close to the star revealed that Salman Khan actually has a very special name for Iulia! It is short, sweet and nothing less than just romantic we think! Bhai calls Iulia just ‘U’, isn’t that just adorable! Bollywood Life had earlier also reported  that the Romanian presenter currently resides at Salman’s Galaxy apartments. Now when there is so much proximity between two individuals, surely there’s a romantic angle here? Iulia also travels in public transport to avoid paparazzi, as per a source, “Iulia travels in a rickshaw to reach bhai’s apartment. This way she is hidden from the flashing cameras that follow Salman everywhere. Salman’s bodyguards are also kept at bay from her for the same reason. It is better this way for them...

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Movie Review: Airlift

Bigg Boss goes international now, in Kuwait. Ha! Excuse my really bad analogy but Airlift did feel like a long season of Bigg Boss where contestants were packed in a school in Kuwait, with a variety of characters; from a snarky uncle to young budding romances to even an International Kuwaiti contestant who can’t speak in Hindi. There was frustration, shortage of both hope and food that qualified it to be the best season of Bigg Boss ever. Airlift is about the largest civil air evacuation, airlifting over 170,000 Indians stranded in Kuwait during the Gulf War. Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar), a multi-billionaire in Kuwait decides to...

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