fb3Any Body Can Be ArtistTM is doing a lot of stuff to promote art and would be launching full scale soon. Kalyani Pathak is the founder of Any Body Can Be ArtistTM  .

She describes herself as ‘an art worshipper’ and an art educator. Kalyani has been working for long as a social welfare activist striving for making a difference in lives of people less fortunate. 

“I believe I’m a God-gifted artist. I look at the world around me with a child’s eye and I see a magic box full of surprises and colours, each day.”

We visited Kalyani to know more about her and her work

Since when did you start painting and what were your main driving factors for pursuing painting?

I’ve been using art to depict the world around me and its contemporary zeitgeist since early childhood. If I take a trip down my memory lane, I grabbed a paintbrush even as I saw the light of the day. I’m born to paint and art is oxygen to me.  

Does your passion ever interfere with your daily household work and what are the main challenges you face? How do you cope up with them? 

It’s sure a challenge to balance the role of a mother, a wife, an artist and to wear multiple other hats. But I’m really blessed to have a supportive family. 

I’m in awe of the beautiful life and world around me. It is this sense of amazement that keeps me going. 

My Students

Who or what has been your biggest motivation throughout your life? 

Everyone on this earth is inspirational. I am inspired by each and every incident that life offers me. It’s up to us to seek and see inspiring things around you. 

My favourite artists of all time are Rembrandt and Michelangelo. 

What are your future goals?

We at Any Body Can Be ArtistTM are strongly determined to make everyone an artist. It takes a lot to decode your art and to restructure your thoughts. Through art, I want to make a positive impact on the world.

My Students

Any tips for FH readers sitting at home who want to paint?

 Take out time for your highest priority stuff; your passion should be high on that list. Moreover, art is not just a vitamin but a painkiller. Dedicate 10 minutes daily to art. Instil and nurture your love of art by going to art galleries and immersing yourself in beautiful paintings. 

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