Amazed? You should be as it turns out that an eight year old might just be earning a lot more than you !!!

Evan an eight-year-old boy makes $1.3 million a year by posting his toy reviews on YouTube with the help of his father Jared .

The father-son duo made millions with his YouTube channel EvanTubeHD, where Evan talks about new toys. The Business Insider reports that Evan and his father make Angry Bird stop-motion videos, and the money they get – when the videos go viral – goes into investment and saving accounts for the kid.

Evan ,in these video,explains to his viewers about the age recommendations for each toy in his sweet voice. The best part of the video is when his face lights up as he opens a new toy out of its packet, according to Huffington Post.

In the videos, Evan at times shares the screen with his sister and mother as well. The young internet sensation has many viral videos. Jared says they have a sales team, which is fully dedicated on selling ads and knows to negotiate deals with brands and businesses, The Times of India reported.

The little fellow is a certified YouTube star with almost 750 million views. Evan demonstrates and reviews the latest video games and toys, and his father – who runs a photography and video production company – helps to bring the reviews to life.

Fashion Herald wishes all the very best to Evan for his future.