Words are very powerful and have a great impact on those who care for you. Often we dont realise how our words can affect the person, and also there is also a very strong impact of our words on our own feelings and thoughts. Thus, it becomes even more important to pay attention to what we say, especially to your partner, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. Here are 8 statements that have the power to change your love life.


Thank you for …………FH article


These  magical two  words “Thank you” have a huge positive impact on relationships. Whenever you thank your partner for something they did, they feel nice and encouraged. Not only will they feel good and cared, but will also be more willing to do similar things in future. And the bonus is, when you say thank you to your partner for something that they did for you, you feel grateful and focus on the good in them (and in your relationship). That is quite a relationship booster.



You are so good at …………FH Article


Honestly appreciating something that your partner does well is a good way to boost his/her confidence and intimacy. Once again as you tell them about something they are good at, you yourself focus on those qualities of your partner and feel good about them. Double benefit!



FH ArticleYour company really makes me happy


One of the most important aspects in any realationship, don’t shy away from telling your partner how happy being with him/her makes you. Never assume that just because you spend time with them, they will automatically know that. Even if they already know it, it will really cheer them up to hear it from you. Make sure to make it impactful while looking them in the eye as you tell them this.



Can you help me with …………FH Article


Don’t just sit around hoping for your partner to pitch in or help you with something you want. Go ahead and ask for the help. Not just that will share your load, but will also give you both an opportunity to bond better as you do that thing together.



I am sorry forFH Article


This one is something that people find the most difficult to say,even to loved ones.More so in a romantic relationship. But believe the experts on behaviors and relationships, who vouch for the power of this single statement and its power to boost the bond of love in relationships. So, don’t shy away from accepting mistakes. You are human and humans tend to make mistakes, accepting them makes you mature and smart. And it also makes for any damage that mistake would have done on your relationship.



What do you think aboutopinion


It is always good to take opinion of your partner on both important and not-so-important things. When you seek opinion of your partner, you are valuing their thoughts. And as you seek their opinion you get to express yours and an opportunity to decide together. Research shows that couple that take mutual decisions have less fights and are happier than the ones who don’t.



time in relationshipsI can always find some time for you


Yes, no matter how busy you are, the truth is you can always find some time for your partner–even if it is just two minutes. And verbalizing it is a good way to let them know that they matter for you. That will definitely boost their confidence in you and in the relationship.



I love you


We saved the best for the last. Let your partner know that you love them and there can be no overdose of this statement, as long as it is felt and said.


So use these words and see how they bring meaningful changes in love life for the good. Also, remember to be as specific as possible while using these words. For example, when you are saying “Thank You”, specify what in particular. This adds genuinity to what you are saying and increases the impact of what is being said.