No matter in whatever mess you are, you always need to look your best. The world will always try to pull you down but you should never let it show on your face. Style statement is the key! Here are 12 wardrobe essentials for this spring which will make you look presentable and stylish.

1- Short black dress: If you are a party freak then a little black dress and high heels are a must have for you. Just put those on and you are all set to party hard.
2- Denim shirt: The full denim look is totally the “in-thing” nowadays: A denim shirt with denim jeans and white sneakers. You can also just wear a denim shirt over a white top or even inside a white t-shirt.
3- White crop top: Pairing up a white crop top with a floral long skirt is the perfect idea for spring as both white and floral are soothing for spring season and fit for a hangout or an outing.
4- Boyfriend jeans: For a comfy and casual look nowadays, boyfriend jeans are preferred. If you want a rough look then you can just get ripped boyfriend jeans or rip your old jeans by yourself. These jeans can be paired up with any top, shirt, t-shirt or a crop top.
5- Skirt: A floral print long skirt or a denim short skirt can go along with an oversized top. A short denim skirt with a smart white top or t-shirt looks smart.
6- Wrist watch: A classic golden wrist watch can go along with almost any and every outfit. If you are short in accessories, just a watch on your wrist will give you the entire regal look you wish for.
7- Hat: Spring season and a hat are the perfect combination when you want to protect yourself from heat without making any compromises with your style. A long dress or a top paired with shorts can look amazing with a hat. For some extra style, you can add sunglasses too.
8- Floral print top: Floral print outfits are appropriate for spring season. They give such a cheery and bloomy impression. The top can go well with shorts or ripped jeans.
9- Lace shorts: Nowadays, lace shorts are trending. White laced denim shorts go well with a white top and give you a sassy look.
11- Handbag: Pastel colour handbags go well with all dark attires. Sling bag, tote bag, clutches, bag packs are some of the bags which can work well with several outfits.
10- High heels: Girls have always gone gaga over high heels. A high heel looks flawless with any short or long dress.
12- A comfy pyjama: After an all-day hectic schedule or a day out, you need clothes to relax in and feel comfortable. What’s a better option than a pyjama to serve this purpose?  If not apyjama then a palazzo works well, too, as it is loose and feels comfy in the bed.




So, these were all the 12 wardrobe essentials that you need to have for a fashionable season this spring. Now you don’t need to panic about what to or what not to wear.


Content writer:AnanyaWalia

Content support: NimishaRaizada